When you think of CBD, what comes to mind? 


If you’re like many Americans, “CBD” might trigger mental images of endless giggles, melting into the couch, and munching on one too many cookies. 


Or, maybe you’re thinking of a question like, “Is that even legal in my state?” 


Awareness of CBD as a wellness supplement is on the rise, but the first go-to response still often stems from the age-old taboo. 


The truth is that we are at the forefront of a true medicinal revolution with this powerful natural compound.


CBD is massively transforming people’s health and rivaling traditional side effect-ridden pharmaceuticals for many serious conditions like pain, anxiety, PTSD, and more. A recent study even showed that CBD has the potential to be a player in the fight against cancer. 


First things first, let’s ditch the CBD stigma. 


When CBD—short for cannabidiol—is derived from hemp, it has profound health benefits and it doesn’t get you high. 


To be fair to those who still associate it with the munchies, CBD can be derived from marijuana, too. But, it’s just as potent when derived from the hemp plant. And, you can get all the health benefits without the high.


Industrial hemp is also legal in all 50 states as well as most countries in the world.  


And, many CBD products on the market, like Vance Global’s All Natural Blends, are made with hemp-derived CBD. 


So, CBD from hemp doesn’t get you high, it’s legal, and it drastically helps to improve the quality of life for so many people with chronic health conditions. 


It seems a little less taboo when you know the facts, right? 


These stats are alarming. Here’s why we’re past due for a medicinal revolution.

CBD is quickly becoming a well-known remedy for two major conditions that plague American society: anxiety and pain. 


With opioid abuse being deemed a full-blown epidemic in America to the alarming reports of the rise of anxiety in our society, there’s no question of the increasing issues of chronic pain and mental health in the United States. 


A 2016 Federal Study found that nearly half of all Americans over the age of 12—that’s 119 million people—were taking prescription pain relievers, tranquilizers, sedatives or stimulants. 


Many of these drugs are physically addictive and can drastically alter a person’s state of mind and even their personality.


And, there’s an ominous risk of overdose with these drugs, especially with prescription opioids, which claim the lives of 46 Americans daily.  


What if CBD from hemp could be the powerfully effective, non-addictive and non-psychoactive way to help the millions of Americans suffering from chronic pain and anxiety? Can you imagine the positive impact CBD would have on our society? 


How it works: CBD for pain.

The root of so many chronic pain conditions is inflammation. 


Whether the pain is stemming from an injury, arthritis, joint pain from aging or auto-immune conditions like MS or fibromyalgia, inflammation is a major player. 


CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that not only reduces inflammation but it also increases the level of other molecules in the body that end the inflammatory response. 


It’s like a one-two punch against inflammation to quickly relieve pain. 


Here’s how one of our customers describes the relief that CBD brings to their chronic pain: 


“This [Vance All Natural Blend] has truly changed my life and has made it MUCH easier to enjoy simple life activities like walking the dog and more, which I struggled to do before.” 


How it works: CBD for anxiety

In this hyperspeed digital age, the incessant impulse to always have to be “on” is taking a serious toll. 


Anxiety, chronic stress and insomnia are all too common in our society. 


So, when anxiety takes over, what’s really going on in the brain? 


Studies have shown that anxiety is likely brought on by hyperactivity of the nerve cells in the brain. 


When you smoke a Vance, or consume another type of CBD, it works to relieve anxiety by calming that hyperactivity and redistributing blood flow in the brain that results in an overall sense of calm and wellbeing.  


“I have severe anxiety and I feel I don’t even need to take my anxiety meds if I have this [Vance All Natural Blends].”

Smoking Hemp CBD, Vaping CBD Oil, Tinctures, Edibles: What’s the best way to consume CBD for anxiety and pain?

Everybody is different and it’s so important to test out different products to see what’s working best for you and your specific symptoms. And, of course, if you have a medical condition, it’s always best to consult a medical practitioner for the best treatment option. 


Although there are many different ways to consume hemp, inhaling pure, high-quality CBD is the fastest acting.


So, if anxiety is kicking into gear in the wee morning hours and you’re tossing and turning in bed, smoking CBD will likely be the quickest way to ease those symptoms.


The same goes for if you’re struggling with pain. Although there are absolutely benefits to topicals and tinctures for pain, smoking CBD is the quickest way to begin to feel the effects. 


So, when it comes to inhaling CBD, you have two options: smoking hemp flower or vaping CBD oil. 


At Vance Global, we prefer to keep it simple and 100% natural and organic with our All Natural Blends containing just organic hemp flower and herbs. 


Vaping CBD oil has also become increasingly popular, but there is one aspect of this method that has some big-time health concerns…


Some CBD vaping cartridges contain toxic solvents that increase the risk of some diseases, including cancer. So, if vaping is your thing, make sure to buy CBD cartridges that are solvent-free.


If you’re searching for a pure and effective CBD product to provide fast relief, you might want to consider trying out a pack of Vance Global All Natural Blends. 


One thing’s for certain with hemp and CBD…

The rise of CBD as a powerful wellness product is a major medicinal revolution. And, we think its positive impact has only just begun. 


Ready to try a 100% organic hemp-derived CBD product for anxiety or pain? Click here to order Vance All Natural Blends.