You’ll notice on our Website we offer tons of products, but for the most part there are 2 main sources of the CBD we offer. We offer Flower Products that are smoked, and we offer Gummy Products that are eaten. Some of the main differences between the 2 types are mapped out in this article.

CBD Edibles take longer to enter the bloodstream, but do so more potently. It typically will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes before you start feeling the effects of the most potent CBD gummies on the market. Once the gummy kicks in typically you will feel a strong sensation of goodness and your body will “slow down” and not react as fast.

CBD joints are quicker acting as you inhale they go directly into the bloodstream in a much lower dosage. You typically will feel a sense of goodness, but your body does not slow down as much, and your reaction time is typically quicker than if you were to eat the gummer. Though not as strong, the cigarette will leave you more in control of your body.

When you smoke or vape, you actually absorb cannabinoids more efficiently than when you have edibles. This can be a good reason for you to enjoy the effects of smoking vs. eating the gummies. On the converse, the high from the gummy is stronger and typically lasts longer.

The main reason for this is that the liver converts the gummies into a stronger form of THC than does smoking or vaping. One of the main functions of the liver is filtration. When the liver out all of the food waste, you are left with the straight THC or CBD in the bloodstream. This allows the body to enjoy the full effect of the most potent CBD Gummy on the market.

Discretion is another key difference between smoking the most potent CBD cigarette, and eating the most potent CBD gummy on the market. The CBD cigarette will create a smoke that is easily seen, and a smell that is very distinguishable and strong. This means others near you might recognize the fact that you are using the product. While the CBD gummy does have a faint smell, once eaten the smell dissipates. There is no smoke with the CBD gummy, and thus it is the better choice for discretion purposes.

One final major difference between the most potent gummy on the market and the most potent cigarette on the market is the effect on the lungs. This would be another pro for the CBD gummy, as it has no influence on your lungs and the health of them. The Gummy or too many of them could potentially have an effect on the liver, but as long as they are used in moderation the liver will not have to work too hard to filtrate. CBD cigarettes have no effect on the liver, but they can have an effect on the lungs. Though the nice thing about Vance Global CBD cigarettes is that they are all organic, and the effect is minimal if any.