There is a growing trend in the cannabis industry of creating disposable vape batteries. Appealing to the fast-consumption culture of America, disposable batteries send large quantities of lithium  —  a precious resource  — to landfills.

Environmental concerns aside, several other reasons showcase how disposables don’t live up to a quality rechargeable battery. Let’s discuss pen batteries and the top three reasons why they’re the right choice.

Are Pen Batteries Better than Disposables?

Pen batteries  —  as in, rechargeable vape cartridge batteries of all shapes and sizes  —  are better than disposables in almost every way. The only advantage a disposable has over rechargeable batteries is convenience and even that is debatable. 

Rechargeable batteries are better for the environment, offer more control to the user, and offer a better design and durability. Let’s break each of these down and detail how disposables come up short against a good pen battery.

Reason # 1: Rechargeable Batteries are Better for the Environment

Disposable batteries send large quantities of lithium to landfills every year. Recent research on the matter estimated 10 tons of lithium  —  “equivalent to the batteries inside 1,200 electric vehicles”  —  suffers such a fate annually.

As the popularity of disposables surges, it risks bringing our available lithium to dangerously low levels right as we will need it the most.

Moving toward a future of electric cars, solar power, and more, lithium is critical as our only feasible solution for large-quantity power storage. As the World Economic Forum points out, we are at risk of reaching critical levels of this precious metal as soon as 2025.

There isn’t currently a good way to recycle lithium but a battery can often last for years. Everyone here at Vance has been using the Cloak battery by Hamilton Devices for almost a year without a problem.

These rechargeable batteries we’ve had for a year use roughly the same amount of lithium as a disposable which lasts 1–2 weeks.

Reason #2: Disposable Batteries Offer Less Control

Disposable batteries offer a single voltage and vape oil cartridge which removes its versatility. Batteries have variable voltages  —  either adjustable or automatic based on battery life  —  and users can swap between multiple cartridges. 

Higher voltages can provide bigger hits and stronger vapor and lighter ones can improve the flavor and the lifespan of your cartridge. With the capability to swap cartridges comes a customizable experience where you can match your cartridge to your mood or scenario.

Only pen batteries enable users to customize their experience and make it truly theirs.

Reason #3 Reusability and Durability Versus One-Time Use

Producers lack any incentive to design a disposable battery for anything except for a landfill. As such, they have few concerns outside of spending as little as possible. 

Disposables frequently feel cheap because they are  —  some even leak, die, clog, or otherwise become unsalvageable before the oil runs out. Rechargeable batteries feel better in the hand, stand up to daily wear better, and often include a warranty in the unforeseen event of a problem.

Often, the design of these makes them more discreet and better for the user with quality in mind over budget and profit. The battery isn’t the only thing users can reuse, though.

The growing interest in repurposing and reusing vape cartridges is shining a light on their potential. By removing the drip tip of a cartridge, users can fill it with their own distillate instead of having to buy a new cartridge every time.

This capability doesn’t exist for disposables. Their cartridges are usually fully-enclosed, offering a small window to see the level of the liquid.

Why Vance Global Doesn’t Sell Disposables

Every product Vance Global creates, we do with the environment in mind. We have a long history of participating in lowering the environmental footprint of the cannabis industry.

  • In January 2019, we became the first company to make mass-market cigarette filters using biodegradable material. 
  • We don’t heat-seal our packaging, saving electricity and making the bags reusable.
  • Now we’re continuing our mission by skipping out on the disposable market.

Without a proper system in place to recycle lithium, we simply aren’t interested. 

Where to Find Vape Cartridges and Batteries?

Instead of a disposable, we’ve decided to pair our new cartridge with a battery we believe in  —  the Cloak battery. We didn’t make the battery (it’s the only item in our shop we don’t produce) but we use it ourselves and know it’s a quality option. 

To back it up, we’re offering a 2-year warranty on these through Vance Global. No need to go through the manufacturer, we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are for this one.

If you’re ready to see the power of a quality cartridge and battery, you can’t do better than this pairing. We offer free shipping nationwide and show up on most doorsteps within 3–5 days.

Check out our online shop and get your delta-8 vape needs taken care of today. Or, if you still have questions about the topic, reach out to our support team and let one of our cannabis experts guide you in the right direction.