THC-0 will help you to sleep, better than counting sheep

Looking for a cannabinoid that can enhance sleep? You might want to
consider giving THC-O-acetate a try.

Numerous people turn to hemp for help with sleep each night, and we know
from studies that a multitude of cannabinoids possess sleep-enhancing
properties through their interactions with the endocannabinoid system, in
particular, processes of the nervous system that relate to sleep, specifically.
What we do understand about THC-O-acetate, is linked to our understanding
of THC compounds in general, paired with the reports of THC-O product
users. There’s very good reason to believe that it may play a role in sleep
that’s highly desirable.

The strong psychoactive effect that THC-O has can provide for good sleep
on its own, as is the case with a host of intoxicating substances that
temporarily slow down nervous system processes. These processes are prone
to keeping us awake or causing us to awake frequently throughout the night.
Any type of pain, or any other type of actions by the nerve communication
to the brain and vice versa will cause the body not to be able to relax. We do
anticipate that studies on THC-O will be done in the near future to verify the
potential of these effects, but what we do know is that the right amount of
THC-O used by our customers allow for fantastic sleep and relaxation.

This is what you need to be able to trust a brand like Vance Global when
you are looking into good THC-O Products.

Specifically for sleep, we would recommend Vance Global’s THC-O
Gummies to provide the longest-lasting effects – up to 8 hours – which can
come in handy for certain difficult sleepers. The all-natural formula offers
50 milligrams, of pure THC-O-acetate goodness.