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Our Goal At Vance Global Is To Create The Best Quality Products Using All Natural Ingredients. We Strive For Perfection And Have Created Something You Can Know And Trust. From All Of Us Here We Would Like To Say, Thank You.

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THC-O Cigarettes are here from Vance Global! Known as “Spirit Molecule”, these are super high potency THC-O cigarettes. Each THC-O Cigarette uses the highest potency organic THC-O distillate and hemp flower. We ensure the most consistent product available on the market. In addition, check out  bulk products such as Bulk THC-O Cigarette Cartons here!

Proceed with caution when mixing it with other psychoactive cannabinoids!

In Detail

  • Contains THC-O Distillate
  • Contains Hemp Flower
  • 50mg THC-O Per Unit / 500mg Per Pack(Based on the percentage of THC-O compared to the weight of THC-O in each Unit)
  • High Air Flow Biodegradable Filters (Gone in about 17 Days!)
  • Paper Type: Organic Hemp Papers
  • Product Contains Less Than 0.3% THC
  • UPC Code: 687700052449

Our Mission

THC-O Cigarettes produced in-house with our patented recipe, and nothing else. We take tremendous care and caution when creating the most potent THC-O hemp flower on the market. THC-O products give the consumer an unforgettable experience. In summary, we simply strive to deliver the best THC-O cigarettes on the planet.

When consuming a pack of Vance Global THC-O Cigarettes, a person can rest assured that all of our ingredients have been lab tested for quality and perfection. We pride ourselves on making sure that our products are grown, harvested, produced, and packaged in the most professional way possible. Our customers mean the world to us, so we take the the extra step to ensure we are serving you in the best way possible. All of our products include free shipping with any purchase when logged into your customer account. Get access to 5% back in points on all purchases, plus access to free shipping!



The Food and Drug Administration is not reviewing the statements made regarding these products. FDA-approved research does not confirm the efficacy of these products. In addition, these products purpose is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The presented information here is not meant as a substitute for information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.




Additional information

Weight 0.52 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Vance Global

31 reviews for THC-O Cigarettes

  1. Jerry West

    Wow. these things are incredible! MY FAVORITES BY FAR!

  2. Repzion (verified owner)

    These work wonders, highly recommend

  3. Rick29 (verified owner)

    Real good high buying some more right now

  4. PENNY HUSTLE LLC (verified owner)

    Very Smooth. You’ll love it. Buy 30 minimum. Thank me later.

  5. James Lazos (verified owner)

    Amazing as usual, forget all that money on “fancy” looking ones, THESE are potent!!! And very well priced! Plus it’s Vance, they do no wrong.

  6. Drea (verified owner)

    Never tried anything CBD before these did not disappoint though highly recommend them will for sure order again

  7. William (verified owner)

    Similar to a THC high, very potent.

  8. (verified owner)

    Bought these after watching a Repzion video. The burn slow and even, they taste fantastic and I felt relaxed and most of my pain from being on my feet all night was gone before I finished the cigarette. I hate to say I was a little apprehensive about potential side effects of THC-O but so far I’ve had none.

  9. middleagedrobitussin (verified owner)

    Good high, wish it could’ve lasted a little bit longer. Had to smoke two to really feel the effects. Other than that absolutely great for the price and definitely worth dropping the 30 to get 10 smokes.

  10. Ruben M

    Potent product. I do not smoke often but when I need to really relax this product does it. Felt it immediately. Top Tier product from Vance line

  11. Norma

    I love it! What’s more to say?

  12. Unknownfacekiller (verified owner)

    Never tried anything CBD before these did not disappoint though highly recommend them will for sure order again!! ~ Yes I copied this comment because these are my exact words

  13. Jasmine cano (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product! I could not recommend it more

  14. MDC (verified owner)

    Great product, Vance Global THC-O is awesome and it gives the “Right” kind of high nice and mellow.
    My only complaint is that i would like Vance Global to create 20 pack of THC-O to add to the 10 pack product, big thumbs up !

  15. cierra doucette (verified owner)

    Hits the spot, doesn’t stink, and great quality.

  16. Caryn Martin (verified owner)

    I will definitely be a regular customer after trying this product and others! Great quality

  17. mat (verified owner)

    I have been pretty happy with these each time I bought them I don’t really have anything negative to say about them

  18. Dave (verified owner)

    Our favorite for good times. Very similar to the best cannabis products out there!

  19. Jasmine (verified owner)

    As always this product was amazing. It really does help with my anxiety I recommend this to my friends all the time

  20. MDC (verified owner)

    Each and every time i make a purchase i enjoy leaving another positive review of Vance Global THC-O Cigs, All their products are awesome and live up to the hype, great customer service and really “Cool” swag, so don’t hesitate and order again now because trust me you won’t be disappointed.

  21. rion p (verified owner)


  22. Jose Rivera (verified owner)

    As I write this, I am enjoying this product. It is excellent on it own but found that the effect last longer and is deeper when I also munch on half of one Delta-8 gummy. Try it. You’ll love it.

  23. Jasmine (verified owner)

    These are so good I recommend them to everyone

  24. nofuneral (verified owner)

    i wanted to leave another review because my god, these make you feel so pleasantly nostalgic, its a great feeling. also very creative too! just bliss.

  25. MDC (verified owner)

    As a repeat customer I highly recommend Vance Global products, from the gummies, THC-O Cig’s and the “Cool” Swag” It’s a great company and the best prices online !!! Purchase any product today and you definitely won’t be disappointed

  26. MDC (verified owner)

    This Should Be The New VANCE GLOBAL Slogan :
    “Vance Global Is A Step Above The Rest Globally”

  27. Jaybird (verified owner)

    I have to tell you, these are incredible. They are always fresh and incredibly potent. They are my favorite.

  28. Dave (verified owner)

    Great product! After a long day it really helps take the edge off. All of the products are shipped within a couple of days.

  29. JackFrost (verified owner)

    An amazing pack a smooth rise plus a lasting high. These are enjoyable to smoke and ar convenient with the small packaing these are some of the best on the market.

  30. Jay (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this product in the past. It’s still the best hemp cigarette that I have smoked.

  31. Sebby J (verified owner)

    Super smooth. The buzz is really nice. I felt a really nice body high with a slight head high. Would cop again Fr fr

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