Looking to quit cigarettes? CBD can be a healthier alternative to help quit cigarettes, for you and the planet.

In the US, most people agree – cigarette smoking is a less than ideal habit to have. It’s terribly destructive, and if you talk to most smokers, they’ve usually tried to quit cigarettes at some point or they plan to quit cigarettes “someday”. 

If you’ve landed here because you’re a smoker who desperately wants to quit or you’re searching for some natural solutions that can help a friend or loved one quit, you’re in the right place. 


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Understanding the Complexity of the Addiction

We’re all aware of a little devilish substance called nicotine. The physically addictive additive in cigarettes that make it so difficult to quit. 

Nicotine boosts levels of dopamine (AKA the pleasure neurotransmitter in the brain), and when you’ve been consuming nicotine consistently over a period of time and then suddenly decide to stop, the physical and psychological withdrawal is intense, to say the least. 

The fear of devastating nicotine withdrawal symptoms alone is enough to make a habitual smoker push off quitting to “someday.” 

Extreme irritability that could make the nicest person yell at a puppy. The overbearing feeling that the craving has your mind completely imprisoned – the choice is to either smoke or think of nothing else. Pounding headaches. Nights filled with tossing and turning. 

The list of nicotine withdrawal symptoms goes on… #thestruggleisreal 

It’s no doubt physical addiction is a huge part of why quitting cigarettes is some habitual smokers’ Everest. But, it’s not the only part that makes it so tough to quit once and for all.

One other reason is the actual habitual behavior of smoking.

‘For most smokers, taking a cigarette break at work or having a cigarette with coffee or after a meal, is not just about physical addiction. It’s ingrained in their everyday routine.

They’ve subconsciously trained themselves to expect a cigarette at certain times throughout their day. And, when that time for a drag rolls around, their mouth may as well be watering just like Pavlov’s dogs. 

At that time of the day, the body isn’t just ready for the next dose of nicotine for a dopamine boost, but the subconscious behavior demands a smoke. 

But, what if there was something else you could smoke when that craving hits that’s a much healthier, organic alternative and also subsequently has some pretty amazing wellness benefits? 


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Enjoy a natural solution: CBD Vance.

It looks like a cigarette, but it couldn’t be the farthest thing from it.

Vance All Natural Blends are 100% organic hemp flower and organic herbs with 100mg of CBD in each Vance.  

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a powerful medicinal compound that has profound benefits for anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, inflammation and more.  

When smoking pure, high-quality hemp CBD flower, like Vance All Natural Blends, you can expect to feel a deep sense of calm and well-being wash over you – without being “high”. You’re essentially inhaling an herbal supplement. 

Because unlike it’s much more controversial sister plant, marijuana, hemp doesn’t contain significant amounts of THC (the compound that does get you high). 

So, hemp CBD flower doesn’t get you high and products with industrial hemp, like our All Natural Blends, are legal nationwide. 

So, when it’s time for you to step out of work for your hourly cigarette break, what if you could seamlessly replace the toxic cigarette with an organic hemp flower Vance? 

Not only could this be a bait and switch mind trick that helps you kick the cigarette habit for good, but there’s also some remarkable research on the ability of CBD to actually lessen the physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 


Can CBD lessen nicotine withdrawal symptoms? 

In a recent study, tobacco smokers who were given CBD smoked about 40 percent fewer cigarettes during the week of the study compared to a placebo group.

There’s still research being done to determine the effectiveness of CBD for nicotine withdrawals and breaking the tobacco habit, but this study among others are pretty impressive. 

While we wait on the snail pace of western medical science to finalize their research, we turn to our customers for feedback on their first-hand experience with smoking hemp CBD flower. 

Here’s what one of our customers who was previously a cigarette smoker has to say about Vance Global All Natural Blends: 

“These [Vance All Natural Blends] are perfect. They have helped me quit cigs, control my anxiety, sleeping issues, etc. I’ve been letting everyone try one and they love it! These are seriously a game-changer.” 


The impact of cigarettes on our internal health and external environment. 

We all know the serious repercussions this addiction can have on our internal health – increased risks of cancer, heart disease, COPD and stroke, to name a few.

But, one less talked about repercussions is how smoking cigarettes impacts the health of our external environment, too. 


cigarette butts

Can you guess the most littered item on Earth? That’s right – cigarette butts.

About 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered every year. Cigarettes make up about 40% of all litter collected internationally by the coast and urban cleanup. 

And, the worst part? Cigarettes don’t break down naturally and it could take a decade for environmental conditions to decompose the remnants of one discarded butt. 

Even if you put out a cigarette in an ashtray or dispose of it properly, it’s still not going to decompose naturally. 

Of course, you want to quit or you want your loved one to quit for internal health reasons, but the fact that quitting cigarettes can also contribute to less pollution in the world is a huge plus.


All Natural Blend CBD

Discard a Vance All Natural Blend filter and it naturally disintegrates in 17 days. 

Vance All Natural Blends are made with 100% natural wood fiber filters or “tips”. The materials naturally breakdown in 17 days. 

Plus, the filter is “high-airflow”, which means you retain the full benefits of the hemp and lavender, the other organic herb in each Vance All Natural Blend.  

“When we started the company the mission was to produce a product that was completely all-natural and organic,” said August Battles of Vance Global. 

“The wood fiber tip filters were one element we knew would be environmentally friendly and still give you the great taste and benefits of the Vances.” 


Take care of your internal health and the planet, too.

If you’re trying to quit cigarettes, give our Vance All Natural Blends a try as a healthier alternative, for both you and Earth. 


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