THC-O which is reportedly more potent than the main psychoactive ingredient in  Marijuana has the ability to produce psychoactive effects. It has been gaining popularity  recently because of its possible high level of potency. Due to the lack of research of its  effects on one’s health, many have concerns about this THC analog.  

THC-O, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a non-natural cannabinoid. Also called THC-O acetate, this compound is not derived from hemp in the same way other cannabis  products, like CBD is. This means that THC-O is not found naturally in the hemp plant.  

To synthesize THC-O, acetic anhydride is used. This chemical compound is a highly  inflammable, colorless liquid that is typically used in making fiber, plastics, and other  products. Because of the chemicals involved, production requires specialized equipment,  thus one should use a trusted company like Vance Global when using this product. This  process begins by extracting Delta-8 THC from hemp. The acetic anhydride is then  combined with Delta-8 molecules to create THC-O.  

There has been very little scientific research done on the effects of using THC-O. It has  been reported by some news outlets that THC-O can be up to 3x more potent than THC.  Based on the experiences of consumers, this compound is capable of producing more  psychedelic effects than other cannabinoids. It has also been said that these effects tend to  have a more spiritual tone.  

While not much is known about the effects of THC-O, those who use this cannabinoid  believe it can help to relieve pain, boost appetite, and reduce anxiety. Consumers also  report the following side effects: Hallucinations, Anxiety, Paranoia, Sedation.  

Public interest in THC-O has been growing across the US, especially in states where the  sale of recreational Marijuana is still illegal. It is typically sold in vape cartridges,  tinctures, and gummies. Again, that is why you should always purchase from a trusted  resource like Vance Global.  

Like most cannabinoids, THC-O is not regulated and is manufactured without any  standards. For this reason, one should be very conscious when purchasing THC-O  products.. Despite most THC-O products claiming to be all-natural, synthetic chemicals  are always used in its production. Here at Vance Global we make sure the safest methods  are used in producing this product.  

THC-O is also considered a prodrug. This means that the psychoactive effects will not be  noticeable until the chemical has been transformed after use. For THC-O, it could take up  to 30 minutes to feel the effects. It is important to note that when taking THC-O edibles,  effects are even more delayed. In these cases, one might not feel anything for several  hours after taking the edible. 

As long as you always rely on a trusted company like Vance Global you can enjoy the  THC-0 experience. We strive to provide the best information to you so you can make an  informed choice about which of our products to try.