Delta-8 was the first alternative cannabinoid to hit the market and it took the cannabis world by force. Dispensary after dispensary started having to adjust to the added levels of interest in this novel form of THC.

While Vance has offered delta-8 products in the past  —  both in the form of cigarettes and gummies  —  they are only now getting into the world of vape cartridges. Breaking out with their Maui Wowie delta-8 cartridge, Vance is bringing a unique and robust cartridge operating in a league of its own.

Let’s discuss what makes this cartridge so special, what to expect from it, and where you can find it.

What Sets Vance Delta-8 Cartridges Apart?

With 85% delta-8 distillate and 15% terpenes  —  and that’s it, by the way  —  Vance Global is entering the cartridge market with a bang. Pairing the tropical terpenes from the Maui Wowie strain with a superiorly crafted cartridge, this product soars above the rest.

Here are a few of the elements contributing to making this cartridge worth checking out:

  • No Additives  —  Each cartridge has just two ingredients: delta-8 distillate and terpenes.
  • Premium Design —  The high-quality build and sleek design of these cartridges are a testament to their quality.
  • Wood Tips —  I got my cartridge with the CLOAK Battery which covers it but kept removing the cover anyways to experience the flavor and experience with the wooden tip.
  • Fantastic Flavor  —  Wood tips help highlight the delightful and fruity terpene profile of this cartridge. 

When combined, these factors make the delta-8 Maui Wowie cartridge from Vance Global among the best in the market.

Maui Wowie Terpene Profile

The terpenes contributing to the Maui Wowie strain are myrcene, limonene, linalool, caryophyllene, pinene, and humulene. Since the majority of a strain’s effect is due to the individual mixture of terpenes, understanding them can help choose the right option for you.

For the most part, people describe Maui Wowie as energetic and Sativa-leaning. With that in mind, let’s look at the three most abundant terpenes in this strain and what they have to offer.


This terpene is the most common one in cannabis strains across the board. Also found in hops, lemongrass, and mango, myrcene has an earthy aroma and a slightly sweet flavor.

While people often associate high myrcene content with Indicas, Leafly reports this isn’t the case. Myrcene can be anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) and sedating, but it doesn’t inherently relate to these classifications.

If you’ve ever heard the anecdotal belief of eating a mango when smoking increases the effect, this terpene would be the reason for that working.


As the name suggests, this terpene is most abundant in limes and other citric fruits. Inhaling this vapor may provide stress and depressant relief to mice by boosting serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters.

From a flavor standpoint, expect to detect a hint of lemon in each hit contributing to the sweet flavor. 


If you’ve ever enjoyed the calming effects of a lavender essential oil, it was due to this terpene. Linalool has numerous possible benefits  —  from anti-anxiety to immunity-boosting potential  —  along with a sweet flavor and just a hint of spice. 

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a federally legal form of THC with minor molecular differences and similar levels of potency. Depending on the product, some forms of delta-8 THC will work out to be about ? the relative potency of its illegal cousin. 

From a molecular standpoint, the only difference lies in the location of the double (“atomic”) bond. Delta-8 has this bond on the 8th carbon as opposed to the 9th, hence the name. 

Despite similar actions, the slight difference sets the two molecules apart in the eyes of the law. Since these products fall into the hemp market category, it’s important to make sure you go with a provider you can trust since these products go through far less regulatory scrutiny.

Where to Find Vance Global’s Maui Wowie Delta-8 Vape Cartridge?

Delta-8 cartridges are popping up everywhere  —  they first appeared in hemp and glass shops, then coffee shops, gas stations, liquor stores, and more. As the market floods with options, knowing who you can trust is an important part of making the right choice.

Reputable brands like Vance Global will be better suited for providing pure, potent products and not cutting corners. Luckily, we make getting your new favorite delta-8 cartridge easy and offer free shipping for all products.

Vance usually processes new orders within a day or two and you can expect a discreet box to arrive at your doorstep within 3–5 business days. If you’re in the market for a new delta-8 cartridge  —  or even if you aren’t  —  you need to check these out.

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