Will THC-O fail a drug test?  

If you’re subject to drug tests or other work-related or legal restrictions, here’s what you  need to know before diving into the THC-O experience.  

THC-O is likely to show up on most drug tests.  

Blood tests may only be able to detect THC-O for up to 36 hours, while hair tests can  detect THC-O for 90 days. Saliva tests can detect THC for up to 48 hours after the last  use and urine tests can test positive about 15 days after last use for mild to moderate  users, or 30 days after last use for frequent users. A person who takes only edibles may  produce a positive result for around a week.  

There’s no shortcut to passing a drug test after THC-O use, but staying hydrated and  eating well may help speed up the process of clearing THC from your body.  

Will THC-O Trigger a Positive Drug Test Result?  

The short answer is yes, this is because drug tests typically look for 11-hydroxy-THC, a  THC metabolite created by the body after THC consumption.  

All other known THC analogs trigger this same metabolic response in the body. In other  words, regardless of what type of THC you consume, 11-hydroxy-THC will be present in  your system.  

It’s currently unknown whether THC-O produces these metabolites at the same rate as  traditional THC products. It could possibly produce these metabolites at a higher rate  because it binds with the Endocannabinoid System at a higher rate. In other words, if  you’ve consumed THC-O in the last 30 days, there’s a chance that you will fail a drug  test.  

THC-O is legal, so does that mean I am ok even if I fail the drug test. It depends on your  employer, but a Positive THC-O looks exactly the same as other failed drug tests, and  there’s no way for you to prove what form of THC you’ve consumed.  

That means that if you are expecting a drug test for work or other reasons, it’s best to  avoid THC-O in advance.  

How Long Does It Take to Get THC-O Out of Your System?  

Currently, research has not explored the half-life of THC-O in the human body, but  because of its similarities, it’s safe to assume that it lives in the body for about the same  amount of time as other THC products.  

The amount of time that THC is detectable in the body depends on various factors, like  metabolism, body weight, frequency of use, and drug test method. Here are some things  to consider:  


It may go without saying, but your personal metabolism affects how long a substance,  including THC, will stay in your system. Those with a faster metabolism will test clean  sooner than those with a slower metabolism, but the difference is usually negligible, so  this is a low-determining factor.  

Body Weight  

THC metabolites are stored in body fat. Those with more body fat may find that it takes  longer to clear their system of THC. Again, the difference in the amount of time it takes  for the body to rid itself of THC is small, possibly a few hours or days.  

Frequency of Use  

For some people, this is the most significant determining factor in how long THC will  stay in the body. If you’ve only used THC-O once or twice, THC may clear your system  faster, sometimes in 10-15 days. For those who use THC-O consistently, especially those  who partake in daily use, it can take at least 30 days since your last use to clear your  system.  

How to Pass a Drug test after taking THC-0  

There’s no perfect method to passing a drug test after using THC-O, although you may  find various detox beverages and other miracle methods that claim to help clear your  system in just a few hours or days. Be skeptical of these products, as they often contain  potentially dangerous ingredients and still may not be as effective as they claim.  

If you have a few days before your drug test you should do the following to increase the  chances that you get a passing result:  

Stop Take THC Immediately  

It may go without saying, but you should immediately stop consuming THC products  when you learn about your drug test. The longer you have to detox your system, the  better your results will be.  

Increase Hydration  

In the days before your test, increase your hydration. Typically, you’ll get better results if  you drink water or other hydrating beverages as opposed to soda and other sugary drinks.  Just keep in mind that if you drink too much water on the day of your test, your urine will  

be diluted. In some cases, this may be cause for a retest. If you’re testing for legal  purposes, such as probation, this may be considered fraudulent.  

Eat Hydrating, Detoxing Foods  

Some sources suggest that a diet high in antioxidants and fiber can help cleanse your  system more quickly than a diet high in trans fats and processed sugars. Try increasing  your fruit and vegetable intake during your detox period to help move things along.