Vape cartridges come in all shapes and sizes and one of the big differences between products is the “drip tip”  —  or, mouthpiece  —  material. Each vape enthusiast has their own preference on these but it’s hard to see an option being better than a good, wooden tip.

A wooden tip is more sustainable, flavorful, and fashionable but they also cost more and require more work to produce so they’re rare. Luckily, you don’t have to look far to find a cartridge sporting these  —  our Maui Wowie delta-8 cartridge has a wooden tip to accent the flavor of its phenomenal terpene profile.

The main benefits of a wooden drip tip are:

  • Antimicrobial  —  Wood is naturally antimicrobial.
  • Cools Vapor  —  Different materials carry different levels of heat. Wood carries less than the rest, providing a cooler mouthpiece for the vapor to pass through.
  • Better Flavor  —  Along with a cooler temperature comes a better flavor.
  • Improved Style  —  There’s no reason to deny the importance of an elegant-looking cartridge.

Let’s dive into these points individually along with the different materials available for drip tips.

What’s the Benefit of a Wood Tip Cartridge?

The drip tip of a cartridge is a vital element connecting the vapor of the cartridge with the user. Wood tips have several benefits over others but many are sold simply on how it feels better than metal or plastic.

Along with the improved design and feel of a wooden tip, the following benefits come along with this option for material:


A study in the ’90s sought to test various materials for cutting boards to see which was best. It discovered that wooden cutting boards killed 98% of bacteria making them better than plastic.

This surprised even the researchers who stated “Although we originally hoped only to find some practical means for home cooks to  …  sanitize a wooden cutting board so as to be almost as safe as a plastic board, our early experiments showed that wood generally yielded fewer bacteria than did plastic.”

Now take the microbe-killing power of wood and apply it to an item specifically for our mouths which we store in pockets, purses, and bags.

Cools Vapor

Plastic carries heat better than wood which has some significant implications for vape cartridges. A cartridge uses a coil in the center which heats the oil around it to high enough temperatures to vaporize.

This coil connects directly to the mouthpiece which can raise its temperature significantly. As the coil reaches higher temperatures, it’s not uncommon for experienced vape enthusiasts to have experience with the mouthpiece becoming hot as well. 

Having a mouthpiece with a lower temperature helps cool vapor as it passes through.

Better Flavor

If you’ve ever taken a drag off a vape pen with too high of a wattage, you know how terrible the flavor can be. The opposite is true when the temperature is lower: vaporizing terpenes and cannabinoids without burning improves the flavor.

Cooling down vapor with a wooden tip makes it smoother, more flavorful, and less harsh.

Improved Style

There’s nothing wrong with liking something more because it’s cooler. Wood tips add an air of sophistication to a vape cartridge, making it look and feel way better than it would with other materials.

Different Types of Cartridge “Drip” Tips

When looking through cartridges, wood tips are generally the best option but the extra cost and effort of using them usually prevents producers from using them. Here are the other main options on the market currently:


Plastic is by far the most common since it’s the cheapest to produce and is quite durable but is not without its problems. It’s worse for the environment and worse for the experience of the cartridge than other options out there.

If it heats too much from the coil, it can damage, clog, or melt the mouthpiece. 


Glass is a good option for preserving flavor in lower temperatures and sustainability but can still get quite hot. The biggest benefit of glass is the mouth feel of using glass tips but they are prone to breaking and still get hotter than wood.


While it’s the most durable, metal also has the highest capability to conduct heat. Metal tips may last a long time but it will be harder to ensure your hits are smooth and cooled down with them.

Where to Find Vape Cartridges with Wooden Tips

Vance Global is here to the rescue with our new Maui Wowie delta-8 cartridge. With a full mL of delta-8 distillate and its delightful terpene profile, this potent powerhouse is also a delightful experience.

Read more about this new offering by checking out our official review of the cartridge here.

Check them out for yourself and let us know what you think. We believe you’ll agree that it’s simply a better experience getting to hit the wooden-tipped cartridge.

Feel free to reach out with any questions and we’d be happy to guide you to the right choice for your needs.