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Vance Global Debuts Spirit Molecule THC-O Cigarettes

The Marijuana Times

Vance Global is ringing in the new year with the launch of their Spirit Molecule THC-O Cigarettes. Vance Global is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, brand of premium hemp-derived products that deliver quality at affordable prices.

The Feds Are Coming For Delta-8 THC


August Battles was barely out of high school when he and a friend decided to capitalize on the 2018 Farm Bill—
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This Milwaukee Company Rolls Thousands of CBD Joints Every Day


It’s not tobacco that they’re rolling. The cigarettes bearing the Vance brand are made with hemp and they’re sold as CBD “joints,” yet another new item in the exploding market for CBD products.
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Vance Global And How Their Product Is For Everyone


It’s no surprise that CBD (or cannabidiol) sales have grown at an even faster rate since it started in the market. CBD awareness among people from all over the world increased steadily in the past few years, and will soon generate more as it’s being distributed from across different markets.
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Vance Global, Eco-Friendly Brand In The CBD Industry


CBD (or cannabidiol) industries are on the rise. There is an exploding market that has generated headlines, market growth forecasts, and an increasing existence of CBD brands and companies popping in a number of states that legalized recreational and medical use. One of the leading brands in the CBD Industry is, Vance Global.

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It's A Message That's Caught On Quickly


Vance cigarettes are marketed as “guilt-free smokes.” You don’t get high as with marijuana joints, but customers enjoy a nicotine-free product with the benefits (anti-inflammatory, anxiety-relief) touted by other CBD products, according to manufacturer Vance Global Inc.
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Vance Global, Revolutionizing The Way People Think About CBD

The US News

In 2018, two best friends both 21 years old, decided that smoking CBD (or cannabidiol) could be done in a much more efficient and beneficial way. This idea led these two young pioneers of CBD to spend countless hours perfecting CBD…
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In Just Over A Year, Vance Global Has Sold Around 4 Million Joints


One of the top players’ in CBD business. The young founders, fueled by Red Bull and McDonald’s, think they’ve started the next Juul. The product is popular not just with people seeking the advertised benefits of CBD but also those who are trying to quit traditional cigarettes with addictive nicotine.
Vance Global News Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What started as a side hustle is now a million dollar CBD joint empire for two Milwaukee men.


This Milwaukee company rolls thousands of CBD joints every day. From 6am to 6pm, dozens of workers at a production facility on the west side of Milwaukee crank out and package hundreds of thousands of Vance cigarettes each day.
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Milwaukee Entrepreneur Introduces New Cigarette To Help Kick Nicotine Habits


A couple young Milwaukee entrepreneurs are helping people kick their nicotine habit, with a different kind of cigarette. Up and running less than a year, the company is now selling its product across the U.S.
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Can Vance Global’s Cannabidiol Cigarettes Cut Smoking?


Milwaukee singer/songwriter August Battles and his friend, Brandon Marhal, noticed that while there was a demand for CBD in oils and edible forms, there would also be a big market for the hemp flower.
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