Established 2018


Vance Global history began in 2018 when the curiosity of two Milwaukee innovators, August Battles and Brandon Marhal, led to create a distinctive tasting CBD joints that could be sold at med shops, recreational shops, pharmacies, mom and pop gas stations, smoke shops, head shops, CBD stores, tobacco shops and grocery stores. They created a herbal blend, took it to their garage, where it was mixed with organic hemp flower and deemed “amazing” by those who smoked it. August Battles and Brandon Marhal are credited with naming the filtered CBD joints “Vances” as well as designing the trademark and distinct tag line “Smoke A Vance”.

Did you know? The All Natural Blend was developed after testing 24 different hemp and herb combinations. During the first six months, sales averaged a modest 465 Vances per day in the United States. Today, servings of Vances are estimated at 40 thousand daily (and counting) around the globe.

We planted the seed of our brand with one simple mission. “Touch the lives of millions with results that mean happy and healthy.”

Brandon Marhal

COO Co-Founder

August Battles

CEO Co-Founder

Our Mission

Our Goal At Vance Global Is To Create The Best Quality Products Using All Natural Ingredients. We Strive For Perfection And Have Created Something You Can Know And Trust. We Only Use Organic Grown Products. We Never Use Synthetic Pesticides. We Use Mother Natures Finest Materials From Seed To Sale. We, Will, Continue To Be Transparent About The Products We Offer.


Want to join our community of farms? If you think your flower is as good as ours and they are lab tested pesticide free, meet the 0.03% THC level and you want to collaborate with us on a blend email us at

Want to join our community of retailers? If you think your store is as good as our current partners and your customers are asking for quality organic flower and CBD Cigarettes and you want to collaborate with us email us at


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