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Americans can now ship legal THC to their home.

Since 2018, Americans can now enjoy legal THC (yes it really does get you high, this isn’t even CBD. You will really feel this).

Vance offers various ways to consume such as smokeable flower, edibles and vapes.

It’s extremely easy to order. You choose your products on our website, pay with your card and we ship via USPS directly to your doorstep. It is 100% federally legal.

THC is great for soothing your mind and body. It has a ton of benefits that could let you choose this natural plant over prescription meds.

For a limited time: New customers will receive 20% off and free shipping.

Use coupon code: FIRST20 at checkout.

Over 80,000 ????? happy customers.

Federally legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Over 80,000 happy customers

Loved by many

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Grown with care by a co-op of family run US farms


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