$20 Store Credit Redemption

    Have you placed an order within the last 30 days?


    Offer Terms

    Offer is redeemable one-time per friend, having friend placed an order on or after 11/28/2022. Upon completion, a $20 store credit will be posted to your account as well as your friend’s account. $20 cannot be redeemed in the form of a refund, meaning you’ll have to redeem it on a future order after your store credit has been issued. You can stack the $20 store credit with future sales events, meaning, you can apply a discount code to your order, then apply the store credit to get it’s full use. If you have not placed an order within the last 30 days, then you won’t be eligible to receive the store credit until after you’ve placed an order. Same friend’s household can’t be used for multiple redemptions (i.e. switching the name on orders but keeping the street address the same). Redemption is ineligible if friend’s street address matches the redeemer’s street address.

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