At Vance Global, we have worked hard to deliver the finest delta 8 cigarettes that the market has to offer. Whether you are totally new to delta 8 THC or you’re an experienced user looking for a more user-friendly and natural way to consume this fascinating cannabinoid, we firmly believe that these cigarettes offer one of the finest hemp experiences that you can find throughout the industry.

Delta 8 Cigarettes at Vance Global, and How They are Made

The delta-8 cigarettes from Vance Global are additive-free cigarettes that use delta 8-infused hemp flower instead of tobacco. They come in a pack of 10, and each cigarette can provide numerous doses of delta 8, allowing each pack to last you for quite a long time.

Our product looks and feels just like traditional cigarettes, but their job is to simply provide users with a complete delta 8 experience that’s as bioavailable and fresh as possible. The delta 8 that we use is produced using an advanced extraction technique that yields a chemically stable and perfectly active concentrate, which is then infused into the raw hemp flower, which on its own offers a rich array of useful compounds including cannabinoids, terpenes and more.

The hemp within each cigarette has been rigorously tested by a third-party laboratory to confirm that it matches industry standards in terms of quality, purity and chemical composition. Lab reports are available through our website.

5 Reasons to Grab These Delta 8 Cigarettes for Your Delta 8 THC Routine

If you’re still trying to figure out whether not these delta 8 cigarettes are the right addition to your routine, allow us to help. Here are five reasons why these particular cigarettes are simply the best on today’s hemp market.

Reason #1: Made from Organic Hemp
The hemp that’s in each cigarette was grown organically by highly experienced farmers. We searched far and wide for the best hemp farms in America, and the farmers we work with use strict organic farming methods as determined by the USDA. The hemp is never exposed to any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or other harsh chemicals throughout the growing process, which yields a cleaner, more chemically stable, and compound-rich flower. Organic hemp is largely considered superior to that which is grown using conventional methods, and we believe it makes an enormous difference in the overall quality of the product.

Reason #2: All-Natural and Clean
The delta 8 cigarettes at Vance Global are completely natural and clean. You’ll find that each cigarette contains hemp and delta-8 THC, and that’s it. We don’t use any additives, filler ingredients or synthetic flavoring, as we truly believe that the amazing compounds of the hemp plant speak for themselves. This means that you don’t need to worry about what you’re putting into your body whenever you reach for a cigarette, as you may when using other delta 8 products that contain all kinds of unfamiliar ingredients.

Reason #3: Potent and Fast-Acting
Our delta 8 cigarettes are highly bioavailable. What this means is that the delta 8 is extremely efficient when it comes to absorbing into the body for maximum effectiveness. Inhalable products are the most bioavailable way to experience delta 8, because the lung tissue is very capable of absorbing the compound quickly and thoroughly. Further, because the hemp in our product is totally unprocessed, it maintains its high activity level when consumed. Therefore, when you use one of our delta 8 cigarettes, you’ll feel the effects quickly and strongly, to really get as much out of your delta 8 THC routine as possible.

Reason #4: 100mg CBD and 50mg Delta 8 Per Cigarette
Each cigarette in this 10-pack contains 100 milligrams of CBD (cannabidiol) and 50 milligrams of delta 8. This 2:1 ratio is actually very preferable to the majority of delta 8 enthusiasts. CBD is known for its mellowing effects, which can make the delta 8 high even more refreshing and rejuvenating. Meanwhile, the delta 8 really intensifies the mood-altering properties of cannabidiol.

These two cannabinoids share a synergistic relationship, which means that taking them together can offer a more balanced type of experience, while the properties enhance each other in a way that’s desirable. And, these cigarettes don’t just contain both cannabinoids, either. Because we use whole hemp flower in each cigarette, each one is a naturally full spectrum product, meaning it’s rich in the complete array of compounds in hemp.

Each dose supplies you with hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes and more, while the presence of each compound produces the entourage effect, in which hemp’s natural synergistic nature offers superb bioavailability and a diverse variety of useful properties to the body and mind.

Reason #5: User-Friendly
Another reason to try our delta 8 cigarettes is because they are extremely easy to use. They don’t require special equipment, nor do you need to carefully measure out a dosage. Simply pop a cigarette into your mouth and light the other end, and you are all set. They also do not need to be maintained in any way.

Standard doses for delta 8 cigarettes are a quarter-half a cigarette, with experienced users smoking a full cigarette. When you’re done with your session, simply put out the cigarette and come back to it later when you’re ready for another delta 8 experience.

The Best Quality Products Using All-Natural Ingredients

Vance Global’s delta-8 cigarettes are a great choice for anyone who wants a pure, clean, and highly bioavailable way to explore the effects of delta 8 THC. They are easy to use, completely unprocessed and loaded with useful compounds from the hemp plant. Grab a pack to experience delta8’s fascinating properties to the fullest.