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Delta-8 THC Gummies are here with all new mystery flavors! As a matter of fact, our gummies contain the highest quality organic ingredients. We ensure our customers will enjoy the most consistent product available on the market. We manufacture our gummies with the finest ingredients to give our gummies a undoubtably fresh flavor. In addition, check out our Bulk Delta-8 THC Gummies Cartons here!

  • Serving Size: 1 Gummy
  • Servings Per Bag: 8
  • Serving THC amount: 50mg delta-8 THC
  • Bag THC amount: 400mg delta-8 THC
  • Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, pectin, citric acid, malic acid, delta-8 thc distillate, natural flavor, natural color, refined coconut oil, soy lecithin.
  • Please reuse the mylar bag or recycle it.
  • Shape: Square
  • Colors: Black, Green and White.
  • Flavors: Mystery
  • Product Contains Less Than 0.3% THC
  • UPC Code: 687700052425

Our Mission

Created in-house with our patented recipe, our Delta-8 THC Gummies give the consumer the best experience every time. We take tremendous care and caution when creating the most potent Delta-8 THC gummies on the market. Each gummy, infused with Delta-8 THC, gives the consumer an unforgettable feeling.

When consuming a pack of Vance Global Delta-8 THC Gummies Carton, a person can rest assured that all of our batches are lab tested and created with safety in mind. We pride ourselves on making sure that our products are grown, harvested, produced, and packaged in the most professional way possible. Our customers mean the world to us, so we take the the extra step to ensure we are serving you in the best way possible. All of our products include free shipping with any purchase when logged into your customer account. Get access to 5% back in points on all purchases, plus access to free shipping!




The Food and Drug Administration is not reviewing the statements made regarding these products. FDA-approved research does not confirm the efficacy of these products. In addition, these products purpose is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The presented information here is not meant as a substitute for information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.


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114 reviews for Delta-8 THC Gummies

  1. Ben Condon (verified owner)

    The downsides, there’s a slightly bitter aftertaste that sticks around for a while, as well as a slightly waxy texture left on your teeth after chewing. But the intended effects are great, nice and mellow, usually kicks in about an hour after eating. Will buy again.

  2. Ykhan (verified owner)

    Delicious and work great after an hour or so! I’m here to buy a few more packs!!

  3. abluntkat

    This has replaced my need to buy bulks of wacky tabacky, one whole gummy is like smoking 2 blunts, IMO, and they actually taste good, doesn’t taste over processed, you would think you were actually eating candy if the leaf was not present on the package! (and the effect after an hour would hint it’s definitely NOT CANDY, lol) If you’re looking to have a cool time without the want to smell like smoke, this is it. lifetime customer over here 🙂

  4. Pennayyyyyyy (verified owner)

    I’ll definitely be making these my D8 product of choice. Loved the effect

  5. Khaki (verified owner)

    These gummies are the best I tried so far I have high tolerance for delta 9 so I proceed to take 250 mg and I was blazed for 8 hours definitely buying again Vance global are the best company

  6. Tony (verified owner)

    These things are the real deal. You won’t regret buying these

  7. Ophelia

    Accidentally ate two. Was high for 12 hours. Incredible product.

  8. Cody (verified owner)

    My favorite D8 product by far. It’s the best price out of any other D8 product I have seen, especially with discount codes. I felt the effects instantly and after eating multiple servings I was high for 15+ hours. This is my go to product now.

  9. GetPegged (verified owner)

    tastes exactly ike candy got me higher than Ive ever been takes a while hit tho.

  10. Dorthy Magenta (verified owner)

    At first I was hesitant to try these out as I’m not a fan of anything gummy however these were incredible! It had a really strong sweet smell to it which was really refreshing because the smell definitely matches the taste which is what matters the most to me! I started with half a package and I started feeling the effects about 10 minutes later and lasted several hours. It’s really great on pain management for me. Definitely plan on buying more!

  11. MF2 (verified owner)

    Took 2 first time and regretted it. Was inebriated for hours. Followed up second day with one; that is more than enough for this old guy!

  12. Chrisanna Hampton (verified owner)

    So far these are the only gummies I like that don’t taste bad and a half of one does it for me makes me high enough that I can function but with out pain, I’ve got fibro neuropathy and a broke neck and this is the only thing that works because weed isn’t legal here yet plus the shipping is fast

  13. Raine (verified owner)

    The best edibles ive ever had
    Wouldn’t have found these without Mista gg

  14. Sims Bulluck

    Love these gummies. I haven’t slept this well in years. I’ve tried others but these are the absolute best!

  15. Lego Anakin (verified owner)

    Pro: This is my first time getting high. I ate a whole one and feel really good
    Con: Teeth sticky, need brush

  16. Samantha Nelson (verified owner)

    these taste like citrus and grass and it’s so weird but not in a bad way?? effects are amazing though, first couple times i only took half because i have a pretty low tolerance and they’re great! they do make your teeth feel kinda sticky though. definitely recommend.

  17. Amaya

    Was blazed for hours. Woke up the next day figuring out who I was. DEFINITELY recommend!

  18. Theblackadder214 (verified owner)

    Not to bad, I smoke a lot like 3 or 4 times a day, I took two this morning and ya they do the job. For sure getting more.

  19. Slicer (verified owner)

    Wow, outstanding product, every bit as good as thee “real” thing. Taste is fine, the effect far exceeded any expectations I had.

  20. Bryan K

    Take. 1/2 of one for sleep issues and they seem to work very well. Add 1.5 mg of melatonin (for “color”). Took a full one- too much buzz. Best way is to dissolve it under your tongue. Faster upload.

  21. Stephen Lively jr (verified owner)

    Tried two and I’m in no pain whatsoever would definitely buy again.

  22. James Burrows (verified owner)

    The 50 mg gummies are wonderful. I was really surprised. When I receive them I took two of them immediately. I realized in an hour one would have been fine. Bedtime for Bonzo.

  23. James Burrows (verified owner)


  24. Kkupner (verified owner)

    I ordered and received my gummies extremely quick. (Even during Xmas Shipping) I found this site thanks to Sloan and I am very appreciative of him sharing. I suffer from Cluster migraines as well as have a eating disorder. This is the first product I have found that will knock out the migraine to a manageable state, with only one gummy did the trick. Not to mention it’s been a savior to my appetite. I am back to order more Vance products to see how they are as well. Will be asking my local shop for Vance products, they can’t keep a reliable source it seems and I’m loving these gummies! Thanks so much Vance Gobal. With products like these I am hopeful I may get back to a normal life as laws pass that make these things more available.

  25. Ky (verified owner)

    DO NOT EAT MORE THAN ONE ON YOUR FIRST TRY. I made that mistake (took two) and the music I was listening to was so layered and complex afterwards that it made me throw up. But DAMN these little bastards are effective, they made me feel great. Absolutely recommended.

  26. lauren (verified owner)

    i wasn’t sure about these but i saw a youtuber promo these and figured it would be a huge controversy if these weren’t legit! but these are absolutely great. the real deal. i get extremely baked off of only 1 gummy! if you struggle with depression these are great, but for my anxiety? idk. the high dose can make you really paranoid.

  27. Yvette

    probably the highest I’ve ever been when i took 1 whole cube. 1 cube takes me out. i usually lay in bed and listen to meditation videos; or watched movies and had no idea what was going on lol. the only con, i get motion sickness/felt sick. things get too bright hurt my head, best to sit in the dark or dim room. maybe i’ll take half cube? lol also shared with the family.

  28. Glass

    Be very careful. I had never taken delta 8 before. I took 4 of the cubes (200mg). Do NOT take 4!! Start with a half of one. Each cube has 50mg so a half would be 25mg. It took about 30 minutes to start to feel the effects. At first, the high felt pretty chill. I enjoyed it. Fast forward an hour or two, I had extreme paranoia. I thought I was going to die. I was hallucinating thinking there were evil things out to get me. It was a horrible experience. The next day I still felt high. These work! Please be careful! DO NOT TAKE 4 AT ONCE!

  29. Ralph Baldemor (verified owner)

    Amazing fast and amazing high. Tho it took time to hit (most likely because of tolerance) the pay off was amazing. Def recommend to anyone needing a fun time or good nights sleep

  30. Alex orellana (verified owner)

    Hey my name is @AlxXavierWest! Vance found me on tiktok & reached out to me to try their products! I truly fell in love with these gummies since I am a former cart user. Since I have been having complications with my tonsils and throat due to the continuous vapor, I have now switched permanently to these gummies! All it takes is 1 gummy & you are on top of Mount Everest in 45 minutes! I am so glad Vance and I are now connected and I will always be a promoter/ buyer of the brand from now on!

  31. Jellenders (verified owner)

    I don’t usually like the taste and consistency of most edibles, but these ones aren’t the worst that I’ve had. I like the fact that there’s more mg per gummy than other ones I’ve tried so you can eat less to get the same effect. I usually like to take 1.5 or 2, the more you take the longer it lasts. Usually when I take 2 or more, I feel sluggish the next day until maybe early afternoon. If you want mild effects, 1-1.5 gummies should be sufficient. But yeah, order these because overall they’re pretty good, currently typing this since I just ordered some more haha. Enjoy.

  32. Lark (verified owner)

    These work really well. I ate one whole gummy my first try and learned my lesson to only take a half since I hadn’t tried thc before now. Second time I took half and watched a movie; much more pleasant experience. They taste alright, a little bitter but not bad and the texture is nice.

  33. stephhy (verified owner)

    Found these from Sloan. Its been 8 years since ive used thc products and Just 1 gummy had me on a different planet. I had munchies and felt sleepy. I felt so relaxed and great. Will try 1/4 before bedtime next. Very happy with results!

  34. Megan Monahan (verified owner)

    I first heard of this brand when Repzion created a sponsored ad for them on Twitter. These gummies are LEGIT. 1 is the perfect amount. 3+ is CRAZY. The only cons to these is they taste weird and leave residue on your teeth. But otherwise, they really get the job done.

  35. gia (verified owner)

    buy them i took two and my dog was thomas edison and completely discovered the key to reality

  36. gracie (verified owner)

    20 minutes in they’ll start to kick in but 90 minutes in and they fully HIT. I’m more of an occasional smoker and edible enjoyer but I’m good at handling my stuff but 1 full gummy nearly took me out. Had to force myself to sleep before I got too high and was knocked out for nearly 12 hours. Definitely will be ordering again and definitely only taking half next time.

  37. gab

    i smoke every day and one of these will still put me on my ass. these are very good!!

  38. Liam Pergrem (verified owner)


  39. ballwizard99 (verified owner)

    damn this shit nuts

  40. Savannah (verified owner)

    For me, it takes a while for it to really kick in but damn. I took just one the first time and was in orbit for several hours. Giggly and zoned to the moon. Since then I’ve only needed half of a gummy and it’s still a great time. I’ll definitely be buying again!

  41. rabbitorb

    these WRECK me. i love them.

  42. (verified owner)

    I have not smoked in awhile and half of this gets me to cloud 9 in a hour. Buying more now. Thank you vance global.

  43. stroud28 (verified owner)

    This is great! This stuff helps me relax and get to sleep!

  44. AlayaG_ (verified owner)

    1 gummy is more than enough, great high and long lasting

  45. kimmie878 (verified owner)

    I will keep buying this really helps with my anger, it mellos me out. I love that I finally found a respectful honest company.

  46. Sam Grzeszkowiak (verified owner)

    Love this company! The gummies actually taste good and make you feel even better! Highly recommend, well done!

  47. W.W. (verified owner)

    Just picked these up recently for chronic pain and nightmare disorder and I was not disappointed. My back felt better than it has in years, and I slept like a baby – a nice, dreamless sleep that I haven’t had in ages. For me, I really only need 1/2 a gummy. I did try a whole one when I received them and I was on the moon. I felt great, but for my purposes, a half will do me. These are more potent than anything else I’ve tried and I highly recommend. I will definitely be ordering more soon!

  48. Dupecat

    Used code “Repzion” for 20% off and it was pretty cool. Lay down and listen to music. Best experience.

  49. Julia Williams (verified owner)

    These do leave a slight aftertaste, but hit so hard. Do not take on an empty stomach unless you want to leave this dimension for six or seven hours

  50. ashpaige (verified owner)

    I’m pretty new to edibles and I’m glad I came across these. Not sure if its my own experience but effects of these gummies are long lasting. Sleep comes easy and I feel like I’m floating the entire time and the flavor is really good. 20/10 definitely recommend!!

  51. alfonso llas (verified owner)

    THESE ARE LEGIT YALL LMAOOOOOOOO def buying them 4 life <3

  52. kai (verified owner)

    this is the best thing to buy if you want to feel like the real deal. these gummies hit so hard you only need to take one and it will leave you euphoric and giggly for hours. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE THE FIRST TIME. i took one whole gummy and was hallucinating/paranoid about an axe murderer and i thought my cat was gonna eat me. crazy shit. 10/10.

  53. Andrew mac

    So I read reviews before taking. I took 1 whole one and yes that is all you need. My girl took a half one and she said that is all she needed. To tell you how well it works; we took them with plan to relax on the beach. As we were relaxing in the sand, staring at the night sky, it hit. She got paranoid and I got in an exhilarating mood. We notice guys fishing and commotion in water, so as 2 buzzed, relaxed people we checked it out. Upon arriving I was yelled at to help by grabbing the pole. I’m so happy yelling hell yea as my girl freaked out, seeing thrashing in the water and a fin. Turns out I was then helping reel in a shark !! … guy in the water with it wrestling it almost getting bit in attempt to release it. It was a mind f^*k, unreal. So to wrap up I caught a shark/ watched another guy almost get bit and saved the shark all in the same high. 10/10 recommend taking these for a unforgettable time.
    Day two took another and got a shark tattoo to commemorate the evening.

  54. Veronica Williams (verified owner)

    Whoaaaaaaa mama. I went to the moon. Took an hour to hit, but BOOM did they hit. Ears rang, time slowed down, paranoia went into existential crisis mode, and I spoke gibberish. ABSOLUTE. TRIP. Stay home, get ready for a ride. From 11PM to 8 AM, I was GONE. 10 out of 10, tasty and POTENT. Newbies, eat half. JUST ONE, but half.

  55. Tonya Holman (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these gummies. I’ve tried a few other brands from my local smoke shop and they don’t compare. Once I settle in for the night, I just need half a gummy and it’s a wonderful float until I drift off to sleep. I wake up feeling great. Long-time customer here!

  56. isabella slider

    If your goal is to go beyond time and space, one of these gummies will definitely do the trick. Took one before bed and it hit all at once about an hour later, time slowed down and I questioned my existence. I fell asleep and was still high the following morning. So if you have anything important to do the next morning, I wouldn’t recommend taking one before going to bed. I learned my lesson and will be doing only half next time around. Good shit tho, would definitely recommend.

  57. dina rivas (verified owner)

    if you don’t like the waxy bitter after taste, i recommend mixing it in a blender with from fruit or yogurt. got yourself a yummy drink and you also get high without the taste. blend well to get all the chunks out. i started doing this because i don’t like the taste. hope that helps someone. OTHER THAN THE TASTE. AMAZING PRODUCT. I buy them once every other month.

  58. Summer (verified owner)

    I’m someone who doesn’t react well with flower, wax etc. Makes my heart rate shoot up which then makes me anxious and it’s not exactly a fun time. But these Delta-8 gummies are perfect for me, it’s like the best of both worlds of CBD and regular ol THC. Would highly recommend this product for those who may not mesh so well with traditional THC routes but still need a helping hand with relaxation, anxiety and/or sleep. The only minor, very minor downside is a gritty texture gets left on my teeth that takes ~20min or so to fully dissipate, but I find the overall positives to be well worth it. The flavor itself is super yummy though.

  59. Shasta Wiggins (verified owner)

    These gummies are the real deal. Better than any others I’ve tried – even from my local smoke shop I haven’t found any gummies that come close to the feeling these give! The only bad side is the waxy feeling left on your teeth for a little while afterwards. Highly recommended!

  60. Ally (verified owner)

    These gummies are amazing and taste amazing. I’m a lightweight so even just eating a half gets me where I need to go so these are perfect.

  61. Kris (verified owner)

    It’s pretty good!! I’d say the only downside was on my end. I was in shock on how smoll the packaging was, very very small but half of a Gummy has me high as hell for about 6 hours. The quality is great and the high is consistent! After biting into them theirs a waxy aftermath on your teeth as well as a Slightly unpleasant taste is chewed long (I usually cut them up before hand for my own texture triggers) recommend 🙂

  62. cunthia0214 (verified owner)

    Really great gummies. They don’t leave an aftertaste and I personally only about 1/2 of one to get stoned for about 6-8 hours. I’ve recommended to my friends and my sister seems to like these too

  63. Claire (verified owner)

    these are 100% legit! i use them a lot to help with depressive episodes and they turn me into a happy puddle for several hours. LOVE them. customer for life

  64. Erin Johnson (verified owner)

    Great gummies! I take 1/4 in the morning for my anxiety and a whole at night for maximum jellyfish feel! Highly recommended

  65. Ally (verified owner)

    I’ve tried these a few times now and I have to say they are amazing. A full gummy is too much for me so these also end up lasting me a while. They are surprisingly tasty! I have some chronic pain and trouble sleeping but these give me the best sleep ever. I would definitely recommend.

  66. 420hahaweed (verified owner)

    The level of high I feel during one of these is insane and always a fun thing to pull out for friends. I could easily eat one and not know it contained weed unless I was told.

  67. Priscilla isordia (verified owner)

    Highly recommend

  68. Highlander876 (verified owner)

    These gummies are great! The green apple flavor is my personal favorite. They might take a little longer to hit than your usual gummies but when they do, you’ll feel it! Sometimes I take too much and they leave me slumped. The only downside is that the gummies sometimes leave a bit of residue behind on your teeth but they are so worth it. If you’re thinking about it, just buy them! Shipping is always quick too.

  69. snot (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  70. Jada (verified owner)

    Highly recommend, these had me on manual breathing mode for 3 hours and I loved every second of it.

  71. Lai (verified owner)

    good gummies!

  72. Erika Lubo (verified owner)

    I like the taste, especially the green one! Would love a bag just full of green gummies! They work well after an hour, get a nice chill feeling and after a few hours I get sleepy haha!

  73. Nikki23 (verified owner)

    These are my go to gummies! They taste great and kick in around 40-60mins later and last a long time. They make me feel relaxed but doesn’t interfere with my energy level. I usually pop one around an hour before my commute home and I’m good for the rest of the night.

  74. Liz McGuire (verified owner)

    Love these gummies and the company. They taste great, kick in after about an hour and make you feel really nice. Ordering is easy (especially once you have an account) and they come within a few days.

  75. Steven Bleam (verified owner)

    My GF and I each took a half. She has never been high before and I have not smoked in about 15 years now. Regular THC makes my anxiety really bad so I kind of steered clear. It took about 45 minutes to feel it, an hour and a half in total to get completely under the effects. We both found it to be very intense and relaxing, though she found it to be a bit much and lasted too long, stating she will only take a quarter moving forward. The high lasted about six or so hours. The texture and taste were great, though they did stick to your teeth and had a bitter aftertaste for a while. Best of all, these got me high without any anxiety. Overall, I cannot recommend these enough. I could not be happier with my purchase and its effectiveness.

  76. DeAngelique Colon (verified owner)

    These taste good af, I get so tempted to eat more than one. It’s like a nice little treat after a stressful day at work. Knocks me out cold, too.
    You guys are awesome! Earned yourself a new and happy customer.

  77. Som (verified owner)

    good product taste good u get a more level headed high with these no too strong but just right

  78. mewfan202 (verified owner)

    I didn’t realize how strong these were and let me tell you I almost died the first time lol not really but they work super well. They taste DELICIOUS too, especially the green apple ones. I take an eighth of a gummy (im pretty new to this) and it’s enough for me so I definitely got my money’s worth. They take probably around 50 minutes to start which is pretty standard. Love em!

  79. Sidney Card (verified owner)

    Love them! theres a weird after taste but nonetheless they’re great! very helpful in keeping me relaxed

  80. Joshua Miller (verified owner)

    My go-to when I’m trying to relax on the weekend

  81. Bingbong (verified owner)

    Fast acting, long lasting, and effective. Can’t go wrong with these

  82. Juliana Danam (verified owner)

    I bought these to help with fibromyalgia pain. Taking heed of other’s reviews about how well they work I only took half of one. Dang! I’m a lightweight! I couldn’t form a complete sentence without forgetting what I was going to say. So I just kept quiet for the entire night. But pain? What pain? My next order is for the CBD gummies to see if they’ll work for the pain without the wicked munchies. But I will be coming back for these also. Once I found one quarter of one works just fine I was happy. But I’ve gained 10 pounds. Would work really well for anyone going through chemo and its side effects.

  83. Rachel (verified owner)

    Ive been a very regular customer for over half a year. Fantastic price for the results you get. My anxiety is at an all time low, and my sleep schedule has normalized for the first time in my life. I won’t be living without these ever again if I can help it

  84. Mechelle (verified owner)

    These are legit the best. My first time I ate half, but was impatient and didn’t wait for it to kick in and took a whole one despite being advised to only take a quarter if it’s your first time and you don’t smoke like that. And I wish I would have listened, it was tooooo much for me. It went way past the pleasant feeling. So next day I adjusted and tried half, it was way better but still a little much, so I adjusted to a quarter the following day and really enjoyed it. Felt like the equivalent of smoking a joint. But after using it everyday I built up a tolerance so adjusted to a half on my second order of these. So, once you figure out the right amount for you it’s top notch. Highly recommend, and actually prefer it to regular bud. And it lasts for like 8 hours.

  85. Himawari2525 (verified owner)

    So I decided to tries these because I am NOT a smoker but Ive always wanted to try getting high on my own terms. I’m not really someone looking to get blasted, or someone who NEEDS to get high, but obviously being a newbie the first time I tried them was kinda wiiiild. I did have experienced friends with me to talk me through it and keep the mood chill and it was a really fun time. Never laughed so hard in my life and the colors of everything were amaaaazing. Ive been taking them for a couple months now and the biggest thing is they really help me with my anxiety. I cut them in half and take them on the weekends and some weeknights when I can’t relax, and they’re perfect. They help me not talk life so seriously, and I just listen to music and do chores or play video games and finally feel relaxed.
    The flavors could use a little more umph, and always adding more sour powder would be fun, but otherwise, perfect product, for recreational or self medication.

  86. Skrump (verified owner)

    Love these gummies, they are my go-to for unwinding during the weekend. I usually do half of one. They take about an hour to kick in and the trip is nice and mellow, lasting 5-7 hours for me. Any time a friend is looking for gummies that they can have delivered to their door, I always recommend these guys! Somewhat related, customer service is great and responsive from my experience!

  87. jankons7 (verified owner)

    My husband uses this product for help with his stress. It is the best stress reliever for him. I highly recommend it all the time.

  88. snot (verified owner)

    These rock

  89. Dustin Powell (verified owner)

    These are some of the best on the market that I’ve found. Very solid product at a great price point. I’d definitely give it a go if you’re on the fence for any reason.

  90. Arsalga (verified owner)

    These are good gummies, would highly recommend
    They really mellow you out

  91. Lisa Ewing (verified owner)

    Love these! I get these regularly. Not only do they literally get the job done, but I’ve never slept better.

  92. Jay Sowinski (verified owner)

    Let me tell you. These gummies are excellent. They were powerful and they really relaxed me. I will be purchasing again.

  93. Matthew Miedzikidicarus (verified owner)

    Significantly robust and very high-quality gummies. After about one hour passing by, the effects started to become very prominent. I am incredibly chill and relaxed high, but I need to figure out my tolerance level before using them because the gummies are potent. I will repurchase the gummies as they are delicious and prosperous at an excellent price.

  94. jennyohngo (verified owner)

    Fixed my writer’s block and made my insomnia tolerable without brain fog the day after.

  95. Paul (verified owner)

    These are great. If you want to feel relaxed from all the stress in life. Will let you sleep like never before. Thanks Vance for quality products.

  96. Erin

    a half of these had me hearing shit in 3D man im high and scared

  97. grapejelly (verified owner)

    BEWARE. rlly fucking strong. tastes very gud, deceptively small. am currently blasting thru the upper atmosphere. into SPAAAAAce. will omly take half next time. fuckin amazing tho

  98. DemePack (verified owner)

    Will get you beyond high, had 3 was the biggest mistake ever def worth it if you want a strong high!

  99. dhart

    Holy f**K! The Mrs bought 2 packs of these bastards as we don’t drink anymore but wanted a buzz for when the kids went to bed. I had half a gummie and an hour later I was on my arse. The paranoia was mild but still present, but thats part and parcel with weed and me. These things are absolutely legit. Shipped easily internationally and there was zero smell. Will defiantly buy again, but not sure when we’ll run out as we have 2 packs haha

  100. worstsamurai (verified owner)

    Takes about an hour to kick in, but boy does it KICK IN. I’ve been struggling with insomnia for years and these things put me right to sleep. Been buying them regularly for little over a year now and I have nothing but positive things to say. The buzz is nice and the restful sleep is so worth it, though if you have a low tolerance I would recommend only taking half of a gummy at a time. It will knock you on your ass (in a good way). Shipping is also super fast and they always have some kind of coupon code so you always get a good deal.

  101. Nicholas Rehfeldt (verified owner)

    So far, the best luck I’ve had with this company after taking the chance after seeing the youtube ad. I take two and they get me where I want to be after an hour.

  102. Arielle Mcelroy-Stover (verified owner)

    Tastes great but be careful these a potent! As someone who rarely uses THC products I have a low tolerance. I made the mistake of eating one, and after an hour assumed it didn’t work and went to bed. Boy was I wrong! I wake up an hour later higher than I have ever been in my life. My body felt weightless! But yeah,these are potent! I am definitely purchasing these again!

  103. yasssfia (verified owner)

    every time i have other edibles, i miss these so i keep coming back lol

  104. sowachowskis (verified owner)

    good !!! ( way too good )
    i had a single gummy and unfortunately i got WAY higher than i’m used to and ended up having a panic attack , so if you’re more of a lightweight like me i would HIGHLY recommend splitting them in half / not eating the full thing

    they don’t have a weird taste or anything but they do leave a waxy feeling in your mouth , so be aware of that if you have issues with that type of stuff

    overall super good but i’m definitely not taking another whole gummy !! ^__^

  105. Spookyniknak (verified owner)

    Gives a very nice, mellow high. Kicks in about an hour and you stay high for a few hours. I was surprised on how well they tasted! Each color had their own flavor (my favorite is the green). Definitely if you’re a lightweight only eat half at a time. They are pretty potent which is nice. I got one bag to just try and now I’m about to buy more.

  106. Eileen White

    ONLY D8 gummy I will have!! 1 will peak between 1.5–2 hrs and last a solid 4. Loving Vance and REALLY curious about their HHC gummies!

  107. wocksip1 (verified owner)

    These are really good, im a beginner took 2 and was baked for about 12 hours and even after I woke up I still felt the high until the next day evening

  108. (verified owner)

    These are amazing. They took about an hour to kick but I was high for hours on one gummy. I’m definitely ordering these again.

  109. goofygoobert (verified owner)

    The best gummies!! Not only do they taste great, but the dosage is perfect. The product quality & customer service I’ve experienced from vance has been outstanding & consistently reliable. Can’t recommend these enough. 🙂

  110. dinosaurgods (verified owner)

    Took a while to kick in, but man it hit hard. I’m not a frequent user so my tolerance is low. I’ll say if you’re a novice then take half a gummy and wait a couple of hours. Either way, super tasty and gets the job done right.

  111. Lexi4624 (verified owner)

    These edibles are amazing! I just bought my 3rd package of them and I know that I will be buying another after I finish this one. I have a low to medium tolerance for weed, but my boyfriend who has a high tolerance gets so faded off of one of these edibles! The high for one gummy lasts for about 8 hours for both of us (takes 45 to an hour and 15 minutes to kick in), and if you think you’re already really messed up, I guarantee you’ll only get higher from there.
    Ok the price is literally the best part about these! When I have ran out of these gummies, I would go to my local smoke shop and buy whatever hybrid blend they had that looks good and usually like 12 gummies would run me over $40. And they weren’t even as strong as these ones! If you’re debating getting these, make the damn purchase! Best edibles I’ve had hands down and an amazing high as always! 🙂

  112. bcakes472 (verified owner)

    Very good product. I had just taken a tolerance break, so I only had half of a gummy. Definitely felt the hit after about an hour. Was paranoid for the first hour or so but then slowly mellowed out after the next two. So proceed with caution. Definitely more affordable than the local prices for edibles. I also liked the taste of the gummy. No clue the flavor but it was sweet and chewy! Give it a try!

  113. Ann Pinkowski (verified owner)

    love these, only reason i dont give em all 5 stars is because i find the flavor of the white ones particularly nasty. i think green is supposed to apple and ‘black’/purple is supposed to be some kinda berry, but the white one..? just kinda gross! and i wish i could pick at least something out to focus besides the thc flavor like i can with the other 2 colors. (but i really do otherwise love em)

  114. caligulasAquarium (verified owner)

    i’ve been getting these for six months now and it’s because they r awesome !! yippee !!! the green ones r the yummiest ^u^ they consistently kick in after almost exactly one hour so that is cool. i am blasted

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