This analysis provides information about industry practices, so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing delta 8 cigarettes.

In order to break this down into a viewable format, we’ll be separating each topic into its own section.

Manufacturing Practices

The delta 8 industry has a good and a bad side, we’ll go over each.

The industry, including Vance Global, is focused on quality. When manufacturing delta 8 cigarettes, we’ve developed a new process to infuse hemp flower with delta 8. This new process maximizes potency and completely eliminates any contaminants. We do this by pulverizing then mixing the distillate with the flower evenly with a tumbler. 

Before we created this process, the only solution to add delta 8 to flower was to melt it down. Then add a solvent to further liquify and spray it onto the flower. Spraying is popular because it’s cheap. However, we’ve abstained from this process because it adds harmful chemicals and reduces delta 8 potency.

Delta 8 Cigarettes Mislabeling

This is by far one of the largest issues in our industry. Odds are, if you’re reading this, you probably had a bad experience in the past. You’ve gone to a smoke shop, bought delta 8 cigarettes and felt little to no effect. Then you check out the company’s Certificate of Analysis on their website which stated the potency was high. At that point, you realized the product being advertised was not the product that you consumed. The label is wrong.

The label could’ve been intentionally mislabeled in order to generate more sales. Also, to steal market share from name-brand companies in the industry. Many new delta 8 cigarette manufacturers as well as delta 8 distributors see delta 8 as a wave. They intentionally sacrifice quality to garner as much profits as possible before the wave crashes. This is the same issue that almost caused the CBD industry to collapse. Distributors were pushing low-quality CBD products which had melatonin in place of CBD in order to maximize profits. A few brands that are guilty of doing this are PlatinumX CBD, JustCBD and Hemp Bombs. This put a sour taste in the consumers’ mouths, so they ordered online from the brands they know are legit. Instead of buying in-store from their local shop.

In summary, when it comes to labeling, many won’t tell you this, but even a verifiable COA can’t be trusted. The only true way to verify the product’s authenticity is to experience how it feels. Alternatively, have it independently tested yourself, which can cost on average $90 per sample plus shipping. So, once you’ve found a brand you trust, stick with them, support their company. For every good company, there’s many bad ones out there.


We’ve received several reports of copycat or lookalike products in the marketplace. If you buy delta 8 cigarettes that have the same hemp paper tube with the black filter, but it’s missing the VANCE trademark on the tube, it is counterfeit.


You’ve made the switch to buying delta 8 cigarettes online versus buying in-store. What should you look out for online so you can avoid headache?

Does the company have a customer support email and phone number?

If they don’t have either, stay far away as you’ll never be able to contact them if something goes wrong.

Does the company have a return policy that covers defective delta 8 cigarettes?

Their policy should cover defects and they should ship out a replacement free of charge.

Does the company take American Express?

If they don’t take American Express, stay away. American Express chargebacks are the hardest to win which is why they don’t support them.

Be Confident

Now that you’re buying online, use a credit card. If something goes wrong, you can send chargebacks to get your money back! Here’s a link on how to do so:

Written By

Brandon Marhal

Co-Founder at Vance Global

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