Our delta-8 gummies are so potent, at 50mg a serving, they will get you high with a single dose.

I’ve written a short paper below to explain the good and bad sides of the delta 8 gummies industry. This will give you a better gauge on how many gummies to take.

In order to break this down into a viewable format, we’ll be separating each topic into its own section.

Manufacturing Practices

There are only two ways to make delta 8 gummies. The cheaper way is to dilute the distillate with a solvent and then spray it onto the edibles. This dilution causes a loss of potency. Also, you may taste strong chemicals. The most disappointing side effect of this method is that, since the distillate is on the surface of the gummy, it can melt off into the packaging.

The better way, which we use, is to infuse the delta 8 distillate into the gummies. To do this, you simply use a hot plate to melt the distillate, then pour it into the edibles formula while you’re cooking the edibles. Thoroughly mix the formula so that the potency is even. Now, the product has higher potency because of no distillate dilution. Another benefit of this method is that users can barely taste the cannabis. This is because no chemicals are used.

Mislabeling delta 8 gummies

Have you ever purchased delta 8 gummies and felt nothing? You’re not alone. Many new companies have entered this space trying to make a quick buck. We’ve been around for over 3 years, so we’ve seen a lot of bad products come from our competition.

The first thing you should do is request a replacement or refund from the store where you bought the product. If they don’t give you either, issue a chargeback with your credit card company. Usually when this happens, it’s because either the product is intentionally mislabeled or the customer received a bad batch of the product.

Good manufacturers have a guarantee policy. The item is defective so it gets replaced free of charge. Stay far away from non-guaranteed products or manufacturers that don’t have support.


So, now you want to buy delta 8 gummies online. How to avoid getting ripped off?

Does the company have a customer support email and phone number?

If they don’t have either, stay far away as you’ll never be able to contact them if something goes wrong.

Does the company have a return policy that covers defective delta 8 gummies?

Their policy should cover defects and they should ship out a replacement free of charge.

Does the company take American Express?

If they don’t take American Express, stay away, that likely means they’ve been fighting a lot of chargebacks, American Express chargebacks are the hardest to win.

Be Confident when buying Delta 8 Gummies

Since you’re buying online, use a credit card. If scammed, issue a chargeback to get your money back! Here’s a link on how to do so: https://www.cnbc.com/select/what-is-a-chargeback/

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Written By

Brandon Marhal

Co-Founder at Vance Global

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